The Eupora-Webster Recreation Association (Eupora Country Club) was established in 1967-68 in Eupora/Webster County, Mississippi. Located four miles east of the town of Eupora, the Association (ECC) is governed by a board of nine (9) members, each serving one 3-year term and elected by secret ballot by the membership.


ECC Board of Directors 2016


  • T.J. Carr, President
  • Dakota Burton, Vice President
  • Sue Lowe, Secretary
  • Jerry Vaughn, Treasurer
  • Matt Seawright
  • Chris Purtee
  • Tim Vickery
  • Earl Johnson (not pictured)
  • Shasta Plunkett (not pictured)


Visitors are welcome with board permission and must be escorted by a member of ECC and may not be a resident of Webster County and/or must live beyond a 15 mile radius outside of Eupora. Prospective members may visit the club three (3) times with a member escort and/or prior board permission.

Any guest must be accompanied by the member who is his or her host except children and grandchildren of members and those who have permission as stated above.